Chicken and Butternut Squash with Lemon and Za’atar, Bad Day, part II — 9 Comments

  1. Whew, What a day. I hate going to the doctor and you managed to make the whole experience even worse. LOL. Glad you made it home and hope all of your tests turn out well. Your meals are the best.

  2. Ohhh Katie…I too would have been soooo frustrated with a day like that! Glad you finally got home safely. As to the larger chicken in the States, I hate to say it but it was probably a chicken loaded in hormones and anti-bio-tics. From the research I have done, France is wonderful in keeping their meats, and most other foods free from such chemicals, GMO’s etc. – keeping them as natural as possible. I have to search well to find natural foods like that in Canada, although, it is getting much better than it used to be. By the way as usual your dinner sounds wonderful!

  3. Quelle horreur! I’ll bet you were glad when that day ended! And thank heavens for helpful neighbors! (P.S. I didn’t know you had any neighbors. The photos you show are always of sweeping fields).

  4. Penny, it was one I was glad to see over. Thanks for the kind words.

    Ina, that would explain it. Our chicken breasts are a nice single serving. And yes, I’m very happy with the care the French take with the food.

    Kate, yeah, it was wonderful… Actually, it was good – the first candy bar and orange soda I’ve had in ages LOL

    Zoomie, we do have neighbors, 2, each about 2 blocks away, one below our little woods and one at the entrance to the lane. Just close enough….. And yes, very handy.

  5. I’m so glad the flat wasn’t a blow-out! You’re fortunate too that the gunk worked. I don’t use that here because it ends up screwing up the tire pressure sensor monitor and once used, that’s another $150 to replace. As to the giant chicken breasts, a chicken fed a family of four for at least two and sometimes 3 days 100 years ago and they were so much smaller. Then again, so were the portions we tend to consume here which is why in part, we’re such a fat, fat country. I also have a theory on the relation between all the hormones they pump into our food to make it bigger and the fact that kids these days are hitting puberty so much earlier, but that’s a conversation for another time…

  6. Oh my. I would SO NOT LIKE to be stuck on one of those freeway SOS waysides. But at least no harm was done — freeways can be dangerous places to have any sort of mechanical problem.

  7. ICK. What a bloody day. Cars are wonderful – so long as they work. You did well dealing with the situation.

    I know what you mean about American chickens- what chemicals must they use to make those birds grow to that size?

  8. nightsmusic, I think you’re right about the hormones… My mother fixed one chicken for our family of 6 and it was plenty, with leftovers – but always lots of veggies.

    Betty, it was a first for us. I was just glad we made it to the spot to pull over. There’s not much room otherwise. The the trucks are fast LOL

    Jerry, it was, truly, a bloody awful day. I think our chickens taste better, too 😉