Confetti Risotto, French losses — 5 Comments

  1. Your risotto looks lovely! I don’t make it often only because I get home so late that most of my dishes are one pot or crock pot. I’ll have to try this one Sunday though. Seems like that’s the only day I can make food anymore that one can really appreciate…

    I was very shocked and saddened by the vicious attack. And even more so when I heard on the news this morning that one of the perpetrators was overheard to say they ‘don’t kill civilians’ and that’s how they were located. (more to it, but that’s enough, I’m sure you’ve heard by now) What else would a civilian be than a journalist, whether a satirist or traditional writer? I just don’t get it…

  2. Katie – your risotto sounds delicious! Risotto is one of our favorite dishes – so good! We were very saddened by the utterly senseless killings of innocent people. Our hearts go out to all of their friends and families.

  3. We have been through a lot this week, haven’t we? As days go on, though, I am thinking a lot more about all of the other seemingly “collateral” victims…the police officers, for example. I feel they are getting short shrift in the press.

  4. nightsmusic, but it only takes 30 minutes! And you can stir and sip wine at the same time. I don’t get it either. They also said they don’t kill women, then shot a female cop. No sense to it.

    Thanks, Pam,,,

    Ina, we’re just hoping that it all settles down soon.So much loss for so little reason

    Betty, that is a term I hate – as if they’re not important. I’m seeing more praise about the heroic actions of the police officers on social media, but you’re right, not on the news. Too bad. The brother of the officer killed on Wed. gave a very thoughtful, (short), speech.