The lost art of napkin folding — 9 Comments

  1. Your house looks lovely! I didn’t decorate much this year because I can’t find much after the move.

    I have ecru napkins with red edges so I’ll have to do this next year. Just think of them as aluminum trees with red garland 😉

  2. Tanna, the red with green edging really work well. You could always embroider yours in your spare time…..

    nightsmusic, I’ve been in that position a few times. I think the ecru with red will be lovely.

  3. Bonne année, Katie .
    Now to find/make some suitable napkins before next Xmas. Are you able to buy real Xmas trees in your part of France? Many years ago Round Table used to sell them here but now unless you have one growing in a pot to bring in each year, you have to settle for an artificial one. We gave decorations a miss this year .
    My OH is doing all the shopping so our ostrich steaks stayed in the deepfreeze and we had venison kebabs instead – equally as delicious and the weather played ball!

  4. Gill, yes, there are real ones but I have artificial. I have for years – that way I can have it up longer LOL

    Zoomie, those are my ‘good’ books. The paperbacks are up on the landing LOL

    • We buy a Michigan White Pine every year. I always have people ask me if it’s real because they look so perfect. And they’d last till Valentine’s Day if I left it that long. Which I don’t only because my husband would disown me…

  5. nighstmusic, part of the reason I keep my artificial tree is I don’t like the trees here. The first time I saw one (in Ireland) I was appalled. Very sparse with a tall, bare stick at the top LOL. They are getting more to my taste… but mine is easier.