Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Spinach and Mozzarella — 8 Comments

  1. Oooh, this looks yummy! We usually do tenderloin on the grill, but I’m definitely doing this one.

    I love fresh mozzarella too. Tomatoes, a little balsamic vinegar and brilliant olive oil drizzled over them, a sprinkle of fresh, chopped parsley and it’s a wonderful salad for me.

    Here in Michigan, they’ve gone way beyond the ‘new math’ to something most adults simply don’t understand and can’t help their kids with. And the kids don’t get it either! What the heck ever happened to 2+2=4??

  2. Pork tenderloin will definitely be on my list next time we go to the butchers – that looks so good!
    The lack of basic number skills today is actually frightening – I have known someone to be out by a factor of 10 and because they used a calculator, not realise it! We had the restaurant bill situation yesterday when some of the old car club met up for our monthly breakfast get together. Some people just cannot work with numbers regardless of when or how they were taught. A conversation topic at the one end of the table had been the use of slide rules – they did not battle with the bill but the other end did!

  3. Katie – your pork tenderloin looks divine. I can’t have mozzarella, but a nice Swiss Gruyere would be lovely in this recipe too. Yumm!

  4. I would love this for dinner right now – exactly what I feel like !!! I am unsure if I could locate the pork or the mozzarella very easily here in Morocco.

  5. nightsmusic, I love pork tenderloin on the grill – in summer LOL In winter it gets roasted (more heat for the kitchen) What good is it if no one can use it?

    Gill, calculators are only good if you can recognize the right answer LOL I learned how to use a slide rule,. and calculators weren’t allowed in my math classes

    Sullimabe, yeah,,,, that phrase has never been used before LOL

    Ina, Gruyere would be excellent. Anything….

    Kate, I knew about no pork, but no dairy? or just no cheese? I need to learn these things.

  6. I am sitting at work slightly salivating (ok maybe not so slightly but some “dignity” is needed here), wishing I could go home and make this right now for dinner tonight! However, I can’t exactly do that – but what I can do is make it this weekend 😀 Thanks for sharing this delightful recipe Katie!

    When the Hub and I go out with friend in a large group, we do so knowing that the bill is what it is and regardless of who had what, it’s divided evenly. Sadly, I’ve seen people get petty over things like this, which limits who all we will dine out with anymore…

  7. Jackie, I also think it evens out in the end and it’s so much more pleasant to be with people who aren’t petty 😉 Glad you like the pork recipe. We loved it.