Risotto, Sausage, Red Pepper, Caramelized Onions, errant turkey legs — 5 Comments

  1. I was just looking up the schedule for the Michigan Renaissance Festival when your post came through. Great minds…

    You can bring your dog to ours as well, but they must be registered prior to attending. I’ve never taken them because most places frown on Dobermans, even as well behaved and people loving as ours are so I don’t know what’s involved in the registration or why.

    I didn’t really ever make risotto until I started reading your blog. This one looks delicious!

  2. nightsmusic, I would eat risotto every night if I was allowed LOL. I think the Renaissance Festival in MN was the first one… back in the early 70’s, They’re probably more strict about the dogs now, too.

    Kate, Panda was a sweet, but large, Saint.

    Aw, thanks, sullimaybe ;-))

    Zoomie, dogs do add a lot of humor into our lives, don’t they….