Duck Confit Risotto with White Beans, some things never change — 4 Comments

  1. Other than spam which I admit, I have a love/hate relationship with (love spam, hate the salt!) I’ve never had any other meat from a can. Not that spam can necessarily be considered ‘meat’ because it’s…ham…and other stuff. Never mind. Let me start again.

    I’ve never had duck in a can. Looks intriguing.

    I started with computers in 1980 I believe, with a computer in our office the size of my couch and floppys that were so slow to back up on that it took an hour and a half every night. Now, my phone backs up to the cloud in 30 seconds or less and holds thousands of times the amount that the old office one did. But you’re right. No one wants to take responsibility. They pawn the problem off on someone else.

  2. nighstmusic, duck confit is just one of those things that is canned or bottled. If you make it at home you have to do it and I’m not ready to start preserving meats…. I have enough to do figuring out what Google wants next LOL

    Kate – except for the duck ;-))

  3. I WANT this risotto!! Duck confit… mmmmmmmm…. And white beans. This sounds like heaven.

    I love that you can get duck confit in a can. I remember noticing various tinned confits at an ordinary supermarket in Tarascon. And foie gras – a whole shelf full of various kinds. And decent looking wine – a whole aisle.

    Supermarkets are different in France than they are in Canada.