Pickled Beet, Walnut and Goat Cheese Tart; the girls are at it again — 5 Comments

  1. I am definitely trying this recipe sans walnuts (since I can’t have nuts) because I love pickled beets and goat cheese and this is nice and simple and just looks yummy.

    You know, maybe it is just cabin fever. Maybe Guapa has had enough of it all and wants to exert her non-existent authority to make things more interesting. But I don’t blame you. They’re larger than my Dobermans and I don’t like when those two get going so I can imagine what it would be like with your girls going at it!

  2. are the girls Spayed? I can’t remember if you ever said or not…maybe it’s hormonal? Love goat cheese beets I am trying to acquire a taste for this looks like a recipe that could help with that quest..

  3. I wish I had a helpful suggestion for you regarding your girl dogs. When I had two girls, Tillie was dominant and rather bugged Chica as if it was her right. Finally one day Chica, who was larger, finally had had enough and she rounded on Tillie and without actually hurting her, asserted herself with growling and snapping. It was over in the blink of an eye, but Tillie never bugged her again and they never fought again. Not sure this would happen with your two as mine were not litter mates and one was older. And they were different breeds. Maybe your vet could help with advice?

  4. nightsmusic, our last two lived in a stalemate, ignoring each other for years. These two are fighting over me. But I think cabin fever…. In summer they’re too tired.

    Gayle, yeah, they’re spayed. I can’t imagine having dogs that haven’t been fixed LOL Try pickled beets…. They’re easier

    kate, True!

    Zoomie, they’ve had sharp ‘words’ last summer and then quieted for awhile, but now they’re starting again. French vets aren’t really that type. They’re normally large animal vets that do pets on a part-time basis. At least, here in the country.