Potato Soup; best laid schemes…. — 4 Comments

  1. One thing that won’t have ‘mobile usability issues’ is this soup. One can imagine it would struggle surviving the trip from the stove to the table.

    And that photograph is fantastic.

  2. I make a combination of blended and chunky soups, but usually don’t use potatoes in my chunky soups. This looks delicious — reminds me a bit of a chowder.

    I’m afraid soup will be on our menu here for about a month more…not that I mind the soup. It’s just that winter has a way of lingering here. It’s 1° this morning, although it is warming up (somewhat) during the day.

  3. Thanks, Dan,,,,, And the soup in front if the fire – mobile enough for me…

    Betty, I often use potatoes to thicken the blended soups, too. We’re getting warm days (mostly) but the nights are still winter. Sigh….