Roasted Cornish Hens with Lemon and Herbs, story time — 6 Comments

  1. Most people do not have such an extensive and impressive Cornish hen cooking background. This to me is a most amusing story. I don’t even think I have ever seen one !!

  2. I’ve never had Cornish Game Hens. Any recipe I’ve ever seen was either more complicated than I cared to work through or the ingredients were not to my liking. I really like this recipe! Simple, easy and, I’m guessing, pretty darned tasty! I don’t know all that cleaning was worth the price of learning to cook these though 😉

  3. A funny story. I imagine every time you make the cornish game hens, it all comes rushing back to you. Every time I peel a potato I remember my Grandmother scolding my Mother for wasting half of the potato taken away with the peel.

  4. Kate, the little ones we get here area actually even smaller – perfect single servings.

    nightsmusic, I think in the US they’re normally frozen and not quite as common as they are here. And they don’t need to be complicated…..

    Penny, it does. Fortunately, they’re fun memories. My mother forbade us using a potato peeler – she said it cut away too much potato, We had to use a sharp pairing knife LOL