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Spicy Butternut Squash Patties — 7 Comments

  1. Tanna, but she moves when mon mari comes down…. he threw a sock at her once,

    Kate, a soft landing, too.

    Ina, I love it – but am glad to see the end of it!

    Bob, she usually lays next to it or has her head hanging off.. She’s weird…. but cuddly LOL

  2. I’d move the rug away from the foot of the stairs. Unless she doesn’t mind being stepped on.

    Thanks for the reminder to cook the butternut squash that is languishing in the cold section by the back door. Unlike you, we’re not even remotely tired of squash.

  3. Elizabeth, actually, I bought the rug for her to have there. With dogs this big it’s best to control their sleeping choices LOL Before that spot is was in the doorway. Do NOT let your squash languish!