Stir Fried Pork, Mushrooms and Savoy Cabbage; Dining out in China — 4 Comments

  1. I have traveled in China. I have eaten there. But to be honest, I have largely eaten in restaurants guides took whatever group I was with. Thus, I’ve had few surprises, some mediocre meals (think: same quality one might get at an expressway rest stop), some memorable meals (dim sum in Nanning was wonderful). The biggest surprise was at a formal banquet at the Great Hall of the People during an international conference. The soup they told us, was a delicacy, and since I figured they wouldn’t be poisoning us, I gamely tried it. Until I closed my mouth around something furry and gagged. So, I started picking a little more carefully at what was being presented. I remember the rest of the meal as good, and plentiful, but not appreciably better than what is regularly available in higher end Chinese restaurants here.

  2. Sorry, I’m just not that adventurous. Ugh…My aunt and uncle however, traveled through China in the mid-sixties, long before it was really ‘allowed’ and even longer before it became anything a true tourist would want to visit. My aunt fell in love with it, the food, the people…thank goodness when she attempted her Chinese dishes here, I had the option of having a sandwich.

  3. Karen, as much as I love food I am a pretty squeamish eater when it comes to unusual foods. Two shots of scotch before I ate the haggis LOL

    nightmusic, they probably didn’t have access to the really interesting stuff – luckily for you….

    Kate, and I’m sure my friend would love to have you read it 😉 I read it on my last trip – a lot of places I’d love to see someday.