Venison Stew in Beer, squirrels and dogs and toads, oh my — 3 Comments

  1. Poor toad! I hope it’s moved on by now.

    We’ve seen one squirrel since moving to our new place. Then again, we have no trees (which will be rectified this spring!) so I’m not surprised there. We also have a pair of hawks nesting in a tree at the back of the property. That of course discourages most small wildlife in the area to set up housekeeping. Except the rabbits. We have lots of those. They must be smart enough to avoid the hawks.

    Venison cooked this way, slow with a marinating beer sauce is wonderful. I haven’t quite tried this version, but I’m going to now. Our son-in-law is a hunter and though I don’t want to ever hear the details, I do occasionally enjoy a bit of the spoils…

  2. kate, we have a farmer’s pond very close to us so we hear frogs in the summer, but the toads live in the dirt and garden. And the dogs love to chase them…. can’t figure out why they quit jumping after a paw splat on the head.

    nightsmusic, I couldn’t see it the next day so it either moved or went back underground or something else (eww) We have a lot of raptors around…. maybe that’s why. And they don’t take the rabbits LOL