Baked Salmon with Red Pepper Relish, dinner in the village — 6 Comments

  1. Those dinners are wonderful. We have one very second year after the vintage car rally and that includes a 2-3 hour lunch as well! The intervening years there is a buffet supper followed by night time “demonstrations” – we are told they are not races! At least the drivers can enjoy the wine every second year.

  2. What a feast! Wish I had been there. Your salmon dish looks delicious. Hope Spring is showing its face in your part of the world.

  3. Tanna, they are… but glad it’s not every week LOL

    Gill, those sound like fun – esp the demo.

    Penny, spring is starting to peek through. The dinners are great.

    brassfrog, oh yes…. the lunches in the village are about $18.00 per person; this one was about $25.00 – for everything. Not a bad night out!

  4. How very fun! A friend of mine’s husband shot an eld a few years back and they had a big feast to celebrate. I never would have tried it otherwise but I loved it!! This salmon is screaming my name btw!!! Saving and sharing 😉