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Broccoli with Bacon and Mustard, the update and a question — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Katie,
    This broccoli recipe is just mouth watering. Thanks for sharing.
    Ads doesn’t cause any problem for your blog but the advertisers should contact for their ads on relevant blogs to divert traffic.

  2. Will do, but I rarely see the ads as they appear (thankfully) below the text and the comments. So nice not to have pop ups or text interruptions!

  3. I’ve never thought of adding mustard to broccoli. Brilliant!

    I have to admit that I didn’t even notice the ads. Shame on me. One of them is for your book! The other one is food related. (The only scantily clad subjects pictured on this page are the broccoli spears.)

  4. Veronica, thanks – on both counts 😉

    Gill, thanks – and that link has great info. It will take a bit of time but his project (?) is really interesting

    Zoomie, good – let me know if it changes…. Thanks

    Elizabeth, not noticing is better than being irritated LOL. I love mustard…. mon mari sometimes thinks a bit too much.