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Butter Braised Cauliflower, the girls are 4! — 5 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday to the girls! 🙂 Puppies are so cute…then they turn into the equivalent of a teenager and some never grow out of that. Our rescue dobe is at that stage. Has been for too long now. I can’t leave him alone or we don’t have any shoes….

    I love butter. I use it probably too much, but I also love cauliflower cooked this way. Simple. Plain, Yummy.

  2. Beautiful dogs. Hard to believe they are four. When I started reading your blog you had Sedi and the puppies were a long way in the future!

  3. nightsmusic, mine waver between terrible teens and old ladies LOL I love butter, too.

    Kate, they thank you 😉

    Zoomie, Ah, Sedi…. sigh…. It doesn’t seem like 4 years

    Thanks, cathelou