Butter Braised Cauliflower, the girls are 4!

Simple is best

Sometimes, we just need to forget about the cheese and bacon and onions and cream and, yes, even the herbs.

This is a simple dish, just butter, cauliflower, salt and pepper….

I used butter instead of my usual olive oil because it browns, adding a nutty flavor to the cauliflower.

And I wanted the taste of butter.

I love butter.

I don’t cook with it often, but when I do I want to taste it.

Butter Braised Cauliflower

Total time: 25 minutes


  • 1/3 head cauliflower 
  • 2 tbs butter
  • salt, pepper to taste

Butter Braised Cauliflower


  • Cut cauliflower into pieces.
  • Melt butter in a small, nonstick skillet over medium heat
  • Add cauliflower and toss to coat.
  • Cover, reduce heat and braise until tender, 15 – 20 minutes. 
  • Uncover and increase heat a bit to brown lightly and evaporate and water from the cauliflower
  • Add salt, pepper and serve.

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The girls are 4 years old today.

I can’t believe we’ve had them for almost four years!


Their personalities really haven’t changed.

I should have been warned.

Bonnie still barks at me when she wants attention.

She still pulls on Guapa’s tail, bites her hind legs, and demands petting five times every day.

And she’s getting fat. She’s now on a diet.

But doesn’t she have a pretty face?


Guapa is still the boss dog. (I’m the boss of the house, though).

Every morning, when I come down the stairs, Guapa is jumping up and down with happiness to see me….. While Bonnie pulls on her tail.

Then Guapa snaps at her, Bonnie lets go, Guapa jumps again, Bonnie pulls on the tail again, and so on…..

Guapa still inhales her food, then begs for more.

But Bonnie no longer eats slowly and taunts her (now that she’s on a diet)


Guapa doesn’t like to have her photo taken.

She’s shy.


There both looking a little scruffy.

It’s been windy, rainy and cold and we haven’t been able to be outside for their spring brushing.

We’ll try for better birthday portraits when the sun comes out again.

Guapa might be sad thinking about the sick bunnies…..

We haven’t seen any bunnies at all since Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Butter Braised Cauliflower, the girls are 4!”

  1. Happy Birthday to the girls! 🙂 Puppies are so cute…then they turn into the equivalent of a teenager and some never grow out of that. Our rescue dobe is at that stage. Has been for too long now. I can’t leave him alone or we don’t have any shoes….

    I love butter. I use it probably too much, but I also love cauliflower cooked this way. Simple. Plain, Yummy.

  2. Beautiful dogs. Hard to believe they are four. When I started reading your blog you had Sedi and the puppies were a long way in the future!

  3. nightsmusic, mine waver between terrible teens and old ladies LOL I love butter, too.

    Kate, they thank you 😉

    Zoomie, Ah, Sedi…. sigh…. It doesn’t seem like 4 years

    Thanks, cathelou

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