Egg “Noodles” with Tomato, Bacon Sauce; these noodles lack gluten — 8 Comments

    • Love that comment! I go to a restaurant in Woodbridge, VA that always asks when you first come in do you want a gluten free menu? I always say is the menu gluten free or the food on it?

  1. I think red liquorice is marked as “gluten free” in the USA. It’s not really the same issue, because it’s something that could have gluten in it I suppose…it’s just that it’s not a food! It kind of makes me laugh…

  2. sullimaybe, not a problem here…. Baguettes rule LOL

    Betty, I think the whole issue is a bit funny. Not for those with an actual problem, but all the ones in it because it’s cool

  3. Kate, it makes the finished noodle a bit stronger / firmer. You could use flour or skip it. If you skip it be more gentle when you add sauce 😉