Fried Rice with Peas and Snow Peas; learning new stuff — 10 Comments

  1. The pitfalls of speaking a foreign language and I am just starting with French! It happens even with your mother tongue in another country which is supposed to speak the same language.
    Peas are a favourite in this household.

  2. Not so much wrong as awkward. Your intensions are pure and I’m sure les Francais would give you a break because you are foreign, malheureusement.

  3. I walk past my concierge quite a few time a day – in and out of building – and always wonder how many “greetings” are OK before it gets silly !!! So I go for one in French, one in Arabic, then just a smile then start the greetings appropriate for evening !!

  4. Your stir fry looks yummy and nice and simple. I like that.

    I had a terrible time learning Spanish because of that inversion. I can still speak it somewhat, but I can’t write it and I have a terrible time reading it, I don’t think you were wrong at all. I think we’re all taught ‘proper’ in school, but because we’re not in conversational classes, we don’t learn the everyman’s way. Does that make sense?

  5. Gill, England and America – 2 countries divided by a common language.

    Zoomie, true – but it just emphasizes the foreignness LOL

    Kate, when we ride our bikes we often pass the same people many times…. I was glad to learn about the re-bonjour 😉

    nightsmusic, speaking Spanish makes it that much harder for me to not do it in French. Every time I think I’ve found a quick rule I find out it’s not so easy. Such is life!

  6. Oh I love this Katie! Both, no all three. I would know neither of the language things: re is great! Is the other the only time French and English approach being alike?!
    Now, I go off lamenting I have no cold left over rice in the fridge. I’ll be tomorrow before I can satisfy this craving you’ve given me. There is no take out where I live either.

  7. Oh dear. I fear that I am perennially incorrect. Except with the wine. Then I’m most propre. (How handy to learn about rebonjour. Do you really say “re”?)

  8. Tanna, I usually make it with fresh rice – never plan ahead LOL As to the French…. the more I learn the more confused I get.

    Elizabeth, yes, they really say ‘re’. That’s a little too ‘courant’ for me.

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