Red Wine Risotto with Sausage and Leeks, everything’s everywhere — 7 Comments

  1. ^— Spam…

    I could eat Risotto every day too. But then I’d weigh 100 pounds more than I do because, though I love anything starchy, the only thing it loves on me is my hips…

    Ten years ago, I couldn’t buy much in the way of exotic cuisine unless I drove way out of my way to a kitschy college town here (blue and gold anyone?) or the other way to the smallest but highest income village in my state. Now, a regional major food chain has two long aisles dedicated to the stuff. Anything I could ask for. It’s become so common place now that the excitement of discovery is gone. But it’s great for wanting to cook things I never could have back then either so it’s a toss up.

  2. An unusual way to make risotto. Sounds yummy and I’m going to make it. What kind of sausage do you recommend? I’m guessing Italian is the most obvious?

    • Arianamarie, any sausage you like works. Living in France I can’t get Italian sausage LOL. I used duck sausage, which is easy to find here….

  3. nightsmusic, it does kind of take the fun out of it when you can get the same stuff at the local store. We’re going to Morocco this year…. I have hopes for fun shopping.

  4. I love risotto. I really love risotto. And I’m sure I’d love this red wine risotto with sausage and leeks too but I have to be honest. The colour is a little scary. For wusses like me, red wine risotto would be for a candlelight-only dinner.