Simple Meat Loaf, the update and a gadget — 8 Comments

  1. That is an idea – I haven’t made a meat loaf for well over a year, maybe two! I don’t know why because we both like it and the left overs are always good.
    It is getting autumnal here.

  2. I love meat loaf but my children were never keen – such a pity as it is so easy and versatile !! I have a food processor on my benchtop even here in Morocco – I always always have done so and cannot live with out one !!!

  3. Ton Mari must be in great shape after all those stairs! Bravo! We like meatloaf, too, and are still seeking perfection in all the recipes we have tried.

  4. Love meatloaf but I don’t do much to snaz it up at all. I use ground beef, bulk breakfast sausage (because I like the seasoning) onion, garlic, seasoned bread crumbs, egg…no salt or pepper because the sausage is already seasoned. Mix it all up and into the oven it goes. Then ketchup just before it comes out. The leftovers only last a day what with making sammies, frying it in the morning with eggs, just eating it plain…

    The ceiling is looking grand! As to your Yay spring announcement, I can just about see the grass through the two feet of snow that has been slowly melting with the 50 degree temps for the past four days…

  5. Meatloaf was one of the first things I ever attempted in the kitchen. And thank god because if it had been anything more difficult I might have given up then and there. I have never followed a recipe and it always comes out delicious. Thanks for reminding me. It’s been a while since I’ve torn into some! 🙂

  6. Katie we love meatloaf in this household too…sandwiches are great the next day. We just cut the grass for the first time the other day too,,,,yay spring!

  7. Hmmm…to me this sounds like “traditional” meat loaf — at least it looks pretty much like my mother’s recipe, which is the one from the Betty Crocker cookbook. I think my mom uses oatmeal instead of bread crumbs. I used to make on occasionally when the girls were little and they loved it.

  8. Gill, then it must be time for you to come to France…. I should make it more often, too – I just don’t think of it.

    Kate, I just never got in the habit… no reason, I had one in the US but it didn’t get moved over (110 v 220) And now I just can’t be bothered.

    Zoomie, that’s what I keep telling him LOL. He doesn’t always appreciate it.

    nightsmusic, leftovers always go fast – I have to hide part of it or I don’t get any LOL

    TV Food, it seems we all forget the simple stuff. Happy to be of service 😉 My first thing in the kitchen was chili….

    Ina, Yay spring! I should make it just for the sandwiches.

    Betty, my mother always used cracker crumbs, which she made, and onion, but not much else. I’ve never tried oatmeal – should, it would be that much healthier. I have a Betty Crocker cook book 😉