Stir-Fried Beef and Asparagus, Bonnie has bunny breath — 7 Comments

  1. Perhaps the feral foxes and cats are doing their bit but were disturbed in the process? Our neighbours cat,Patapouf, is in the habit of leaving partially eaten prey around our orchard! We haven’t seen any signs of a bunny but we know she catches them.
    Our avocados are just coming into season here but the asparagus season has gone and we will be arriving in France too late this year to get any there.

  2. 🙁 My younger daughter has a bun. A ‘free range’ bun. He has the run of their apartment. He’s her third. They’re smart and funny and loving… I am sad…

    On a different note, I love asparagus! So does the DH so I’ll definitely be making this one. Anything with asparagus in it (unless the recipe makes it mushy) is at least a trier for us.

  3. Phoenicia, she didn’t have time…. She wasn’t out of sight for more than a minute. She’s a slow eater LOL

    Gill, could have been fox. Jealous about the avocados…. We used to get them in Spain but I don’t think they’re grown around here. Asparagus may be late – you might get lucky.

    Zoomie, I may try that…. naw, not while I have the girls.

    nightmusic, they are cute, but not in my potager. My mother loved mushy asparagus…. I prefer al dente…. We eat a lot in season.

    Tanna, I could only wish they’d disappear that easily.

    Kate, no, she chewed on a rabbit head. Gross! She didn’t seem determined to eat it, just wanted to check it out (I keep telling myself)