Tagine of Lamb and Peas, raindrops — 6 Comments

  1. How I wish we could have some of your rain here – parts of the country are drought stricken, the maize harvest has been badly affected and the Cape Peninsula has gone up in flames. It has been burning since the weekend.
    Peas are my freezer staple and my husband’s favourite vegetable.

  2. Those things sticking up from the moss are called “fruiting bodies” or so I was told by my girlfriend (now wife) low those many years ago…

  3. Small beauties like that can make your day. We could use your extra rain, too. While I love all this sunshine, I expect we will have water rationing this summer.

  4. Gil, I wish I could send you some…. so sorry to hear about the fires. Love peas 😉

    brassfrog, and you remembered…. Well done! They’re pretty.

    Zoomie, with all the gray, I really had to look for something to cheer me up.

  5. I love lamb, love tagines and love tagine with peas! And I almost always use frozen peas which I find much sweeter and the perfect texture. What a wonderful dish and I can see it is now time for me to make a tagine. Perfect!

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