Baked Vegetable Spring Rolls; spring? — 4 Comments

  1. >I have to keep them inside in the pantry because it’s too cold to put them outside. But I carry them all out to the front lawn for afternoon sunshine

    Laughed out loud at this. It reminded me of finding places in the house in England to rise bread.

    And with the layers going on and coming off as the weather changes, are you also a “tomato plant” when you go walking?

  2. We had a huge amount of thunder and lightening last night here in Marrakech and a few big fat drops of rain – what I would call a cool change in Australia – but it did not get cooler, back to 30 plus today and I am enjoying it so much. Funny to think you are in front of a fire !!

  3. I read somewhere that April is the cruelest month. Frost biting early blooms. I have been doing the same with my potted flowers and herbs. In and out they go. Your spring rolls look delicious Katie.

  4. Dan, one of the reasons I rarely bake bread…. In our last house I put it on top of the furnace / boiler, which was much to warm, of course. As to the walks – good thing I have a big backpack.

    Kate, I’m just waiting to hit 20. We’ve hardly had any frost this year, but twice this week. Sigh…

    Penny, cruel April…. That’s it!