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Goat Cheese, Pimiento, Spinach Tarts — 5 Comments

  1. It has to be different … or it wouldn’t be France.
    Seldom to we “plan” the buying of any new appliance.
    I’m all for playing with food when it comes to phyllo and what goes it it and spinach and goat cheese has to be one of my favorite things.

  2. Fortunately as our bathroom in France neared completion, I had the time to browse the internet and we ended up with a machine virtually identical to my one here. It was delivered at no extra charge, they carried it in and even connected it up. They were even prepared to take away the old leaky one we inherited! We were very grateful for the service as it saved a trip to Bordeaux or Angoulême.

  3. I actually can get phyllo here in the supermarket though in most households it would be home made – a time consuming project that I would never have the patience for !!

  4. Tanna, so very true. I could eat spinach and goat cheese every day.

    Gill, If we had had more time (and patience) we could have done that. As it is – we just went to But in Bergerac. They always seem to have good promos.

    Kate, I’ve watched it made on TV – can’t imagine doing it myself. So much easier to buy

  5. This is exactly the sort of thing that I always want for lunch! Or dinner. Or breakfast.

    But I’ll make the pastry myself. Ever since we read the ingredients list on the easily-found commercial puff pastry that we can get without having to ride our bikes through horrible traffic across the city, we far prefer to make our own. Ha. It’s so much easier to make it than to buy.