Le repas de chasse, a pictorial — 10 Comments

  1. It’s great to hear you wore your skinny jeans. Recently in Sevilla we noticed that almost every woman,young and old, was wearing them. My wife was reluctant but I talked her into buying a pair. She looks great in them.

  2. Serious napping, for sure! Glad you had a fun outing. Good idea for the hosts to have you bring your own plates, etc. it limits your portions as well as their cleanup.

  3. Phoenicia, it was… I was impressed

    Ina, it was a great dinner

    Tanna,very practical

    brassfrog, well done, you! Everyone wears them here, too…. It does help with eating less LOL

    Penny, so was I…. amazed.

    Zoomie, it seemed very strange the first time, but what a great idea for large parties. And easy.

  4. Wow so much food – where did you put it all – I agree, totally exhausting. I err on the side of vegetarianism so I would not have done justice to any of those courses except the apple tart and I could have had that for all courses !!

  5. I’m not sure I could even make it to the meat courses — I can’t believe there was stew and then a roast! The quality of the food does look good, though, but I’m sure I couldn’t deal with the quantity. As you said, I guess you paced yourself…

  6. kate – there were no vegetables – it was the hunter’s dinner, not the gatherer’s dinner ;-))

    Betty, the food really was good. Fortunately, the servers were understanding about small portions, Still….. I waddled LOL