Mini Meat Loaves, Creamy Mushroom Sauce — 4 Comments

  1. I gave my beautiful Bosch washer to my oldest daughter when we moved because they don’t make a gas dryer that matched it and I didn’t want any electric appliances. I bought an LG washer and dryer and my washer does the same thing! Though I will say, the instructions clearly stated that the washer would determine the load size before starting, so it wasn’t a huge surprise. But I can see after using mine how you’d think there was something wrong with it if it wasn’t written down somewhere.

    And if it’s men writing the instructions, I’m not surprised. They never read them anyway. The first thing my husband does (and he’s NOT alone) when he opens the box for anything is tosses the instructions aside and then inspects the whatever thinking he can do better so why bother reading them…

  2. You put your finger right in my puzzlement regarding technology that can be started from a cell phone. Why bother?

  3. Wow, just Wow….this recipe is a two-fer for sure. The meatloaf recipes can stand on it’s own. I will use this one from now on. The Creamy Mushroom sauce is spectacular. I made exactly as written and I had to refrain myself from putting it is a glass and drinking it! This will be my new sauce to make every chance I get to slather on all our grilled meats this summer.
    Many Thanks!

  4. nightsmusic, mine is an LG, too. And I’m very happy with it now that I know how to use it LOL. I have to admit I have a tendency to ignore instructions until I have a problem. THEN I read them.

    Zoomie, because it’s cool? Or fun? I prefer to have my appliances running when I’m around….. Always expect the worse LOL

    Diane, so glad you liked the both ;-)). The mushroom sauce is also great over pasta…. In case you want to give that a try….. And potatoes…. chicken