Rack of Lamb with Herb Mustard Herb Crust, 3 ingredient recipes — 5 Comments

  1. I do love lamb. Unfortunately, my hubby had a poorly prepared mutton the first time he had lamb and that’s the last time we’ve had lamb. That was years and years ago so the only time I have it is at very good restaurants so I have a better chance of having it cooked right.

    Hardly anyone wants to cook anymore, I’m convinced. Not really cook. I used to make hamburgers chopping my beef/fat mixture with two knives the way my gran chopped beef. I still see a few sites (yours) on the internet that cook with fresh, raw ingredients but most of them are “open this soup can, toss in this canned ham, throw some boxed sliced potatoes in and call it scalloped potatoes.”

    It makes me sad…

  2. I HATE the 3 ingredient recipes! THEY ARE NOT 3 ingredients! 3 ITEMS I might give you BUT NOT 3 INGREDIENTS! Sorry off soapbox now…
    the lamb looks yummy

  3. New food trend is toast. Yes, TOAST.
    Two ingredients,bread and topping. Avocado on toast!

  4. Three ingredient fad will pass when people realize food is better when thoughtfully prepared. It’s like kale a few years ago, the fad of the moment. Happily, I can always find a little time to chop a few fresh things.

  5. nightsmusic, oh, too bad about the lamb. We both love it… It seems like people think cooking is a chore. We’ve always looked at it as a way to relax, talk, and enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day.

    Gayle, I usually ignore those blogs / sites but I got intrigued yesterday and did some searching. I have not idea how most of it could remotely be considered a recipe. A plan, maybe….

    Toast, Linda? Toast is a trend? Maybe they’ll put it in a mason jar…..

    Zoomie, I missed out on the kale thing, but I do remember it. Don’t see it here. It really doesn’t take much to add a few chopped whatever and a pinch of this and that….