Red Sauced Shrimp, driving without a license — 7 Comments

  1. At least a cacahuète is more visible and faster than the mobility scooter we see heading towards the local market most Mondays when we are there!

  2. We have the same thing here only they’re called mopeds. And stuck behind one going 30 in a 45 zone I feel your pain.

  3. That is fascinating !! Not that I ever intend driving in any foreign country . I certainly would not get behind the wheel here in Marrakech !!

  4. Tanna, it is so bizarre….

    Gill, one just has to accept that everyone has the right away LOL

    brassfrog, the French are a little more aggressive in passing – and also more polite in getting out of the way.

    Kate, I would never drive in Marrakech…. That’s why I;m so glad we found your riad LOL

  5. You should go to India or bangladesh lol…there are thee things called Baby Taxis – they’re ridiculous! No license required as far as I know.