Rhubarb, Vanilla Yogurt Parfait, foodie burnout? — 4 Comments

  1. Jello creations always remind me of the Southern aunt who called them “congeals.” Very appetizing, that.

    I’ve tried a couple “we’ll send you menus and recipes for a week of meals” services, but usually give up after a few weeks because there are either 1) strange ingredients I don’t keep in the pantry and will be shuffling around the back of the refrigerator for months or, conversely, 2) a prepared ingredient that can be almost as quickly recreated from scratch or is just unnecessary.

  2. We love rhubarb in this household to Katie – so good! Homemade food is always the best…as for processed anything, it does not belong in my kitchen. Watching a father & his kids the other day grocery shopping – loading up on boxed mac & cheese – yuck! So easy to make from scratch and it is much healthier too. They don’t know what they are missing – that is sad!

  3. I think your parfait looks very glamorous. I have not seen any rhubarb here in Morocco as yet. I think that chuck roast recipe looks appalling to be honest. I cannot get any of those ingredients here so no chance of me making it even if I was tempted.

  4. Karen, my mother was big on Jello creations – salads and desserts, both. One, with shredded carrot and celery was pretty good.

    Ina, if I did one good thing in life it was to teach my son to cook. He’s the only one in his ‘group’ that can lol

    kate, Morocco is probably too hot for rhubarb…. the roast IS appalling ;-))