Spring Risotto with Ham, Asparagus and Avocado, buzzing wisteria — 4 Comments

  1. Enjoy your day of rest tomorrow. I realised an hour ago that tomorrow is also an holiday here. I was planning on restocking our fresh produce after being away a couple of weeks – c’est la vie.

    Hope you recover quickly so you can enjoy the Spring as much as your bees in the Wisteria. It is beautiful!

  2. Mon mari is fortunate to have you as am I referred to as your blogging friend. A lurker and consumer of your recipes am I and my Mon mari benevolent receiver. Hopefully you lick that nasty cold before the weekend.

  3. Get well soon !! I never knew about May 1st – till today – ut it seems like most of Morocco is open for business !!

  4. Gill, May is a big holiday month here….

    Linda, thanks – on all counts 😉

    Thanks Kate,,,, The French take holidays seriously