Bread Baking Babes play with fruits and seeds — 9 Comments

  1. There are a few more in the mean time, fashionably late as Babes do 🙂
    thanks for putting us together here everytime Katy!

      • E. Somehow this felt sharp. so I went and googled “fashionably late”.. it means that people were late pretending they were busy with important things…. hahaha well I didn’t know that (english is not my native tongue for sure), I thought it just meant people were late as people do at times. Didn’t mean to be mean in any way with saying that, just an expression for me that was stuck in my mind, without being aware of the full meaning.

        • I didn’t know that either! And I do know that my lateness in posting had nothing to do with pretending to be busy doing important things…. 🙂 I just didn’t manage to plan ahead very well. (So what else is new?)

  2. Katie, you’re right to have this on your list of things to make. And do go the next step and make this savoury bread. It’s really great for making grilled meat sandwiches. The prunes are not too sweet at all.

    Heh, if you start soaking flaxseeds now, you could join the ranks of the fashionably late. 🙂

  3. Um, I left a note yesterday but the lovely internet seems to have evaporated it.
    I only wish we could really pop into each of our kitchens and share several slices of this and so many other dishes.
    Thanks for putting us together.

  4. Lien, I thought it meant the same thing as you – and I’m also native English LOL

    Elizabeth, ah, but first I would have to track down the flaxseeds…. Maybe when are guests are here to help me eat it 😉

    Tanna, I hate it when that happens…. nothing seems as reliable anymore. You’re welcome

    Elle, thanks…. I just might do that.