Fried Rice with Green Garlic; the update — 3 Comments

  1. Lovely garden. We have voles in our yard and they’ve managed to push almost all of the surface plants out of the ground and I have no idea what they’re doing to the roots of the deeper ones. I think I’d rather the bunnies, which we also have an abundance of.

    Definitely trying the fried rice! It looks yummy. I have several clumps of chives coming up so I might toss a few of those in as well, but I don’t have access to green garlic here so I’ll have to modify a bit.

  2. Katie – the room is sure to be lovely. We love green garlic aka garlic scapes. I always make homemade pesto with mine – so yummy!

  3. nightsmusic, voles…. that is so frustrating. I love the first chives of spring

    Ina, thanks on the room… But green garlic is different than garlic scapes. I can’t get scapes… They;re the flower stalk as opposed to the immature bulb. I hear they are wonderful, too