Giant Burger Stuffed with Green Garlic, the update — 7 Comments

  1. I like my steaks still mooing and my burgers not too far behind that. I know, don’t say it. The only time I ever had food poisoning, and I wanted to die it was so bad, was from a pork chop that was well done. Go figure.

    I haven’t stuffed a burger before, but I’ll try anything once 🙂

    The window seat looks fabulous! Mon Mari did a wonderful job with it. I have some windows to stain if he’s interested 😉

  2. Watch out Katie, I will be over to recline on that window seat – I adore it. I have a thing for reclining by windows with a book !!

  3. nightsmusic, I’ve had food poisoning a few times, but only from restaurant food, and usually seafood (the old bad fish LOL) I’ll let him know you have projects….

    Thanks, Phoenicia 😉

    Kate, my thoughts exactly. Come any time – you can go to French school with me.

    Zoomie, the pillows are waiting….