Salad with Pickled Beets and Feta Cheese; French vaccinations — 8 Comments

  1. Vaccination is becoming even more important as antibiotic resistance increases. The sore arm I had recently is minor in comparison to the infection it is protecting me against!

    I had too much pickled beetroot as a child so tend to avoid it now particularly as my husband is not keen on it either. I have developed a taste for parsnips which I didn’t like either but is one of his favourites so I am not discounting my tastes changing – beetroot always look good in a salad.

  2. I too agree with the French. I worked in a hospital for 12 years and saw the ravages from preventable disease that many of the elderly exhibited. Saw it myself as a child, and my father didn’t walk until the age of 3 because of the polio he’d contracted.

    Now, as to the beets, I love beets. Boiled, buttered, pickled, doesn’t matter. Love them. I do pickle them in season and sometimes, that will be our side salad. Just the beets. I also freeze them for a hot side, but you mustn’t overcook them when you freeze them or they’ll be mushy.

  3. Nothing better than beets roasted in a little olive oil and thyme, then topped with a little goat cheese or a lot…

  4. When I grew up in the Navy, we all had vaccination books to keep track. My favorite story about vaccinations was one time when my Dad was being vaccinated for life in the Far East and he was going down a line of corpsman, each of whom was delivering a different shot. The last one hurt quite a lot and Dad protested, “Ouch! What was that one for?” And the corpsman replied, “Yellow fever, Sir.” Dad complained “Hey, I wasn’t due for yellow fever!” Quick as a wink, the corpsman replied, “No problem, Admiral, yellow fever is on the house today!” Gotta love a corpsman with a sense of humor!

  5. Gill, I just got my tetanus booster – with all the crap that gets unearthed here every year I need it! I recently discovered parsnips, too. They’re getting easier to find here. Beets are everywhere.

    Kate, in my mind there’s nothing to debate….

    nightsmusic, you’re right…. it wasn’t that long ago that so many diseases were not preventable. I remember well my smallpox ‘booster’ – that really hurt! I rarely see raw beets here, always cooked – with a big fork to put them in the bags

    Deline, a lot of goat cheese, just starting to melt all over the beets…. tonight, I think….

    Zoomie, I can’t even imagine the number of vaccinations for the Far East back then. I remember getting the shots at school when I was a child – lining up for each nurse. I still can;t look LOL

  6. Katie….love pickled beets! I make them every year, sometimes twice a year. They are great with anything. Growing up in a Danish household, pickled beets were in the cupboard always. They are great on a ham sandwich too!