Sautéed Spinach with Browned Shallots; moles and slugs and snails, Oh My — 4 Comments

  1. I love spinach. I’ve never tried growing it but if you manage with seeds, I may have to. Definitely will be trying this recipe.

    The voles in the back flower bed I mentioned several posts ago have managed to uncover every single iris root in that area so they are all now exposed to whatever. They’re trying valiantly to grow, but it does not look good. We had torrential rains yesterday and I couldn’t get in the garden at all and today, the rain continued at a lesser pace, but it never got over 40. I’m hoping the iris and the big box of seedlings/bare root plants that were delivered Friday can hang in there for a few more days…

  2. Well, that tells me it would be pointless to plant spinach where I am. We can’t take a step without falling into a mole trail.
    But, why aren’t you having the spinach with baked eggs for breakfast?

  3. nightsmusic gardens are such a challenge…. And yet we keep trying. Spinach is easy to grow, and it loves cool weather so start it early in the spring.

    Kate, I turn it into soup and freeze that, I may have to look at freezing it for a veg, too this year,

    Tanna, I don’t cook breakfast. Or lunch for that matter. But I will make that for a starter this weekend…. with a nice rosado, I think