Shrimp and Spinach Salad; and more Salads — 4 Comments

  1. I love salads too though I am a bit wary here about getting sick. I would probably not eat one in a rural area here in Morocco.

  2. We also love salads and when camping in rural Africa always use Milton to sterlize fruit and vegetables that need it. – 1/2 cap (15ml) to 2.5 l water. Immerse fruit and veg for 15 min. Rinse, using cool, boiled or filtered water if the water supply is dodgy. My mother always used to add a tip of a teaspoon of Condy’s Crystals ( potassium permanganate) to the water in the days before Milton! I have never been sick from eating a salad prepared at home.

  3. Tanna, we only eat it in the spring / early summer… Then I grow too much and that is all we eat for about 6 weeks LOL

    Kate, it’s rarely something I eat out…. And the only in the summer. But we eat lots at home

    Gill, I’m spoiled, I guess. I’ve never had to think about sterilizing anything. Always had good water. I should say I’m fortunate.