Spring Risotto with White Asparagus, Snow Peas — 5 Comments

  1. Katie your risotto looks scrumptious. We do not have snow peas in season yet…can’t wait! We have had lots of fresh asparagus though – another spring favorite.

  2. I have a similar problem – I go into a spin when there is a recorded message in French or worse still if it is in Arabic !!

  3. I never buy fresh peas of any sort so I was very interested by your lexcial analysis (although I’m not sure I’ll keep it straight.)

    I have to get back to making risotto! Your recipes for it always look so scrumptious.

    I have started a Feedly feed now so will be getting your posts more frequently. I used to have Google Reader and had just set up a Blogger feed, but it is not half as nice as Feedly and also, I for some reason wasn’t able to get your blog on it.

    Bon dimanche!

  4. I love asparagus risotto! And asparagus has just now come into season (we’ll be heading to the farmers’ market later today to get some).

    Have you tried using the discarded asparagus stalks? When we make asparagus risotto, we purée the UNcooked stalks with a little water and then stir in that sludge at the last minute. (Here’s exactly what we do:

    But we’ve never thought to add snowpeas! Although, with the very late spring we’ve had, I doubt that snowpeas will be at the market….

    Ha! I love that the French call them pois gourmands. it’s somewhat like “Canadian bacon” in the USA. Here in Canada, we’ve always call that kind of bacon “back bacon”. I’ve also heard it called “peameal bacon” – but peameal bacon isn’t smoked and apparently must be cooked before being eaten…. I don’t know what back bacon is called in Quebec. So I did a search and it appears that back bacon is called “bacon de dos”. Phooey. I’d hoped the Quebecois would have a completely different name! (something like “lardons plats”)

  5. Ina, thanks – spring comes a bit earlier here…. thankfully.

    Kate, I don’t know why they talk so much faster on the recording LOL

    Betty, I switched to Old Reader, which works the same as the old Google reader for me. I don’t buy fresh peas eithe (I get frozen) but I do like the snow peas when I can find them.

    Elizabeth, what an interesting idea for the stalks – I bet it adds lots of good asparagus flavor. I’ll try that next time – if we find asparagus again this season…. It’s so fleeting