White Asparagus with Butter and Chives, cooking white asparagus — 6 Comments

  1. Maybe this is a shame on me moment, but I’ve always boiled my asparagus. I do it in a large frying pan with just enough water to cover them. I don’t have an asparagus pot so at least that way, they’re all laying on their sides and not flopping about. When done, I toss them with the butter/garlic mixture. I’m a Julia Child protege because I never knew! huh

  2. Most of the green asparagus we get is from Spain, but I agree that the green stuff is a little easier to handle. Your post reminded me that when I first learned to cook white asparagus (from Les Recettes Faciles de Françoise Bernard), the directions were, indeed, to boil it. I just bought some a few days back and steamed it, and I ended up with a lot of stringy-ness.

  3. Green is what we get here and I also boil mine with water to cover in a frying pan. I have taken note on how to treat the white version because as from next year I will have to use that until I can track down the producers of green in our corner of France.

  4. It is the reverse in Australia – white is rare, green is everywhere. So far in Morocco I have seen green but only the once !

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  6. nightsmusic, I often fix green asparagus that way, but the pot full of water really worked better for the really fat white ones

    Betty, we buy the Spanish green occasionally, but it’s never as good as the local green. I was amazed at how well the boiling worked for the white. I’m a convert!

    Gill, does that mean you’re going to be here longer or full-time?

    Kate, that’s how it is in the US, too. And when there is white, it’s skinny, little spears, not like here