Asian Chicken and Spinach Salad — 5 Comments

  1. Summer in Australia also meant a lot of watering of my vegies but so wonderful to pop out to pick something for dinner – nothing like that sun warmed tomato !!!

  2. I just hate that telltale crunch of a missed baby snail…

    EWW!!! (still cringing)

    I too am jealous that I see no weeds. Is that through due diligence or do you use some kind of organic or non-organic something to kill them all?

  3. Kate, I complain, but it really is nice having it all so fresh.

    brassfrog – I hoe

    nightsmusic, when I had my first garden I used to pull weeds. Waste of time and effort.Now I hoe once a week and that’s it. It takes about an hour. And I hoe my footsteps after I pick veggies or tie the tomates to keep the soil loose.

    Zoomie, no, just once a week. I ride my exercise bike (and read) the other days. Today’s walk was HOT.