Babes are a bit dense this month — 9 Comments

  1. Dense? I don’t know WHAT you mean. Is it because one of us (who shall remain nameless – suffice it to say that her name begins with E and obliquely rhymes with “ah dizziness”) can’t read instructions very well? Hmmmm??? 😉

    Stinky cheese and red wine for breakfast? Now there’s an idea!

  2. I’m for the stinky cheese and red wine with almost any bread and I admit to being so dense I messed up on the linky tool…oh, yes, the bread is dense, too. Great round up as usual. Thank you! Will remember that cheese and wine idea for next month’s bread.

  3. Re-entering of the back bench and a happy bunch on the bench! Yay for stinky cheese and red wine! Thanks for the round-up Katie!

  4. Wine and stinky cheese for breakfast? What?
    Thanks Katie for another display of our bakes again.