Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Spicy Rub; hot shopping — 11 Comments

  1. Love the gift idea but like you, I wouldn’t be tasting. Anything. Spicy foods fall in that same category as the peppers and such. None of it likes me though at one time, I enjoyed a great deal of variety.

  2. Thanks, Sullimaybe…. I don’t see anything active on yours…. taking a break?

    Zoomie, I was so glad I thought of it.

    Thanks, Kate, he’s very hard to find a gift for.

    nightsmusic, I won’t even sniff…. but mon mari is hoping for some tastes LOL

  3. Mmmmm!

    Katie the recipe looks great!

    What would you suggest as a side? I was looking at the mushroom risotto recipe that you have, wondering if you would mind suggesting anything?

    Hope the present comes with a nice large glass of water 🙂


  4. The teenage boy visitor gobbled this pork up and loved the sauce too. Can’t wait to make this recipe when we get home (along with many other of your recipes!)

  5. That is one recipe I will be trying as is!
    I always stock up on crystallised ginger for my triple ginger biscuits at the same supermarket . I can spend hours wandering around those shelves but buy only what I can use in three months!

  6. Dan, and I’ll let the hubs taste it for me.

    Jane, Your ‘ados’ (teenagers) were such fun to have around… OK, you parents, aussi.

    Gill, I agree, my biggest problem is to not buy multiples of everything I love. You’ll have to stay longer