Simple Sautéed Spinach; meanderings — 6 Comments

  1. Wow Katie…such a transformation! It does look lovely, indeed. I sure hope whoever cuts all that grass has a “ridem” mower – phew!

  2. What a wonderful transformation! I love it. I really do. I do have a question though. What kinds of trees are those that they’d grow that fast? Because I have three acres and one tree on it and I need trees. Lots of trees.

  3. I am going to love these meanderings – love the whole house, just adore what you have done !!

  4. Ina, yes, I do LOL

    nightsmusic, they’re acacia (I think) – they send up shoots everywhere

    Kate, thanks – I’m enjoying going back through all the photos myself

    Zoomie, it was a lot of work!

    Tanna, it’s hard to believe we’ve gotten this far….