Spinach Taco Salad; the update — 4 Comments

  1. A photo history of the house is a fabulous idea Katie. Love the update, floors and bench turned out great! Your salad also sounds delicious, I like the additions of feta and avocado.

  2. You need a reading lamp by the bed, but otherwise the room looks great! And in time for the arriving company! Bravo!

  3. I agree about the reading lamp, but the room looks wonderful!

    What’s behind door number 2?

  4. Ina, I think it will be fun…. Everything is better with feta and avocado (mostly)

    Zoomie, a lamp is on my list – and we’re ready 2 weeks in advance LOL

    Nightsmusic, ah, that door is to the rickety stairs into the barn. Never hurts t have spare stairs.