Barbecued Ribs; still hot and snarky — 8 Comments

  1. Awww, I’m so sorry! I know how that is, being kept up all night. We’re up at 4:30 in the morning so in bed by 9:30 and this past two weeks around 10:15, just when we’ve finally nodded off, the neighbors have started their apparently every-night-fireworks party leading up to the 4th. By the time we can get back to sleep, it really is after midnight. Three hours of sleep per night isn’t very conducive to getting anything done during the day.

    I love ribs. I wish I could find them as meaty as the bar-b-que guys use. Ours here are way more bone than meat so I don’t buy them often.

  2. Nothing worse than being kept up all night…never mind the heat! Love your bbq pork rib recipe…this is a must try next time I get pork ribs. We are still in major heat too. Even tho I close up the house like you do…by 4:00 pm it is killer hot. Thank heavens for our nightly dip…it is the only thing that saves me! By the way, for the gas BBQ I am assuming the indirect heat should be on high?

  3. Ina’s comment gave me an idea for you – a swimming pool! You have enough space, the dogs would love it, and you could skinnydip while the harvest is going on!

  4. nightsmusic – 4:30? We still have 2 more hours of dark at that time…. and 2 more hours of daylight at 9:00…. I like later…. but i like sleep, too .

    Ina, no we do it on medium – that’s why they’re on so long…. Yes, the house is starting to get miserable by 5.

    Zoomie, we’ve thought about a pool – but nothing here is ever as easy as it should be. However, we may think about it some more…..

    • Oh, trust me. We still have at least 2 more hours of dark as well, but my DH starts work at 6am so we’re up early. I must admit though, in the winter, I really feel like a mole because I drive to work in the dark and home in the dark. Ugh.

  5. Well. This is just horrible! So many aspects of it.

    But, for next summer, can’t you fix the lack of sweet corn by planting some yourself? Because your ribs look like they’re made for corn on the cob!