Bread Baking Babes make a Power Play

I have visions of all the Babes discarding their red lace panties and donning charcoal gray suits, white shirts and black heels as they masterfully tackle this bread.

For three days….. (Some Babes imply that four days are needed, but I think that smacks of excuse-making.)

Judy, of Judy’s Gross Eats, our host kitchen for July and one of our newest Babes, decided to, er, flex her muscles.BBB logo July 2015

She thought that she should find something a bit challenging.

The Babes were up to the task!

Judy says: It is an easy bread to make and very delicious.  One of my favorites now, and I’ve made it twice already.

Well, okay then….. If Judy can make it twice you all should give it a try. Just to go to Judy’s Gross Eats and get the recipe as well as the scoop on being a Bread Baking Buddy this month.


All the Babes loved it and no one said it was hard to make (although there were comments about having to actually read the instructions….)

Judy’s Power Bread


Karen’s Power Bread


Cathy’s Power Bread


Liens’ Power Bread


Tanna’s Power Bread 



Elizabeth’s Power Bread


Heather’s Power Bread


Elle’s Power Bread


And that’s it (so far) for the Power Babes!

And the Babes are:

 The Bread Baking Babes

Bake My Day – Karen
blog from OUR kitchen – Elizabeth
Bread Experience – Cathy
Feeding My Enthusiasms – Elle
girlichef – Heather
Judy’s Gross Eats – Judy
Life’s a Feast – Jamie
Living in the Kitchen with Puppies – Natashya
Lucullian Delights – Ilva
Karen’s Kitchen Stories – Karen
My Diverse Kitchen — Aparna
My Kitchen In Half Cups – Tanna
Notitie Van Lien – Lien
And me…. Thyme for Cooking – Katie 

From the BBBBB (Bitchin’ Bread Baking Babe Bibliothécaire).

5 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes make a Power Play”

  1. Oops. Did I neglect to mention that it was indeed hard to make? But it was only because of all the infernal instructions. And all the choices of ingredients. And so many ingredients.

    Still. It IS good bread….

    Thank you for this lovely showcase. It’s great to see all the BBBabe breads lined up like this.

  2. Elizabeth, but choices are good…. it just takes more time to decide, and then to read, and re-read…..

    Thanks, Karen.

    Heather, some Babes are just efficient!

    Thanks, Judy – shorten the time? What would be left to complain about then?

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