Caprese Burgers; meanderings

Caprese means ‘in the style of Capri’.

The word normally refers to the famous Caprese Salad of ripe tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, and fresh basil leaves.

I’m pretty sure burgers are not common food in Capri, but I’m taking poetic license in naming my burgers.

I am using all the correct ingredients…. I just added a bit of beef.

Lamb might be a bit more authentic. I’ll have to ponder that.

Regardless – the cheese, tomato and basil are tucked between two thin patties, then grilled.

The cheese melts (barely) but the tomato stays firm (relatively).

Serve with or without buns.

Caprese Burgers

Total time: 20 minutes


  • 12oz (360gr) ground beef (mince)
  • 1 large tomato, cut into 4 thick slices
  • 4 slices fresh mozzarella
  • 4 large or 8 smaller basil leaves

Caprese Burger


  • Divide meat into 8 portions.
  • Shape 4 thin patties about the size of the tomato slices.
  •  Place 1 tomato slice, 1 slice of mozzarella and 1 or 2 basil leaves on each patty.
  • Shape 4 more thin patties and place on top.
  • Oil hinged basket.  Place patties in basket and secure.
  • Cook on barbecue grill over direct heat for 3 – 4 minutes per side.

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Back to the house story….

This is the room that was to become our kitchen:


After setting up the beds in the hall so we could sleep we had to do something so we could eat.

Mon mari had already tiled the floor, put up a new ceiling, installed new lights and stripped the lovely wallpaper. The electrician had installed the new electrical box for the house and done the wiring for the kitchen.

Good enough. We moved in. Fortunately, there had been a sale on sawhorses earlier.

This is where I cooked dinner that first night. No, I didn’t take a photo of it…..


The next day we found some furniture – like the center island, to help get a little organised. The arrow is pointing to the cook top sitting on a piece of sheet rock. It worked.


The pantry was moved in, as well as a few chairs, the TV and microwave.

And the dog dishes.


Mon mari got back to work – installing the counter-top, the pot holder and hanging the wall paper.


Finally, the tiling was done and the sinks installed…. No more doing dishes in the bathroom.


Then we took a wee break….. Three weeks, actually.

The brief version: mon mari had an infection in his toe that landed him in the hospital where they thought he had Type 2 diabetes but realized it was Type 1 but couldn’t figure out why so kept him for 3 weeks while they sorted it out.

Then they sent him home for 3 weeks while they scheduled the surgery to remove his pancreas which was the cause of the problem.

He spent the time frantically building the ‘skeletons’ for the kitchen cabinets and installing them. (As well getting the outside in good enough shape for me to be able to maintain it.)


While he was recuperating I moved an easy chair into the kitchen for him to use when he got home.

Then I unpacked the kitchen boxes and put everything on my new shelves.


I picked up some cheap sheets and, in the tradition of French country kitchens, made curtains for the lower cabinets. I knew that this was going to be our kitchen for the next few months.

By fall mon mari was back to work.

Next week: the finish.

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  1. Your kitchen looked charming with the curtains for doors. I know you’ve gotten it finished now, but seeing these pictures, I might have been tempted to leave them this way instead.

  2. I remember your kitchen construction. Such a charming space. Looking forward to seeing the finished room. Burgers look fabulous.

  3. nightsmusic, but the curtains didn’t do well with the dogs LOL

    Ina, we never bother with the bread anymore…. These are perfect for us. Thanks -;)

    Penny, I’ve been having fun going through the old photos….

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