Grilled Scallops with Lemon Ginger Sauce — 11 Comments

  1. I occasionally will post a recipe on my blog. This posts consist of no more than 4 poorly lit bad pictures and a short ingredient list and recipe.

    I can’t decide if I am doing to something very wrong or very right when I see all these foodie blogs with each post having 14 perfect pictures and 1000 word explanations.

    I like the way you do it.

  2. OK the comments on the ice cube recipe are hilarious! your recipe sounds yummy and since I like grilled scallops the lemon ginger addition sounds over the top.

  3. Love scallops so I’ll have to try this one.

    As to the recipes, I’m all for simple, basic, quick and yummy and I really don’t think you need 20 different things and 100 steps to make delicious food. 🙂

  4. Wonky73, I don’t want to take the time for 14 photos – and I know what a cup of suger looks like lol

    Thanks, sullimaybe 😉

    Kate, really – it’s tongue-in-cheek and quite funny

    Gayle, yes, the comments are the best.

    nightsmusic, cooking should be enjoyable and relaxing, not a marathon – in my opinion 😉 And wine helps…

  5. I’ll never convince my husband to get scallops (too expensive in this landlocked city). But that sauce sounds fabulous! I bet it would be brilliant with shrimps.

    Oh! I suddenly remembered the incredible grilled shrimps we got when we used to go to restaurants… they were “breaded” with shredded coconut and chile flakes (zero bread crumbs, as far as I recall). I have no idea how they got the coconut to stick to the shrimps though. They must have dipped the shrimps into an egg batter first. But I don’t think they were deep-friend. They always came on skewers that had been a bit blackened.

    This looks close: (it wasn’t easy to find – there are a number of coconut shrimp recipes on the internet that call for sweetened coconut

    • I’ve tried ‘breading’ shrimp and failed miserably – maybe because I refuse to fry in oil. But there’s always a first – thanks for the link! And yes, the sauce is great with shrimp.

  6. rrrrrr. I hate it when I hit the submit button prematurely.

    Alas, my favourite recipe site disappeared – it was so long ago that I cannot remember what it was called. None of the recipes had any instructions at all. It was just lists of ingredients that went well together (without quantities) with the assumption that anyone reading the list would know what to do to prepare the dish. How’s that for simple?