Grilled Tuna with Pesto; it’s hot and snarky here — 9 Comments

  1. I am so-o glad I’m not the only one who “talks back” to the idiotic posts on FB and Pinterest! I’d also be happy to channel some of our very cool air your way–but there’s as much likelihood of being able to do that as there is to avoid the inane suggestions….

  2. Katie we love pesto of any kind especially on fish/seafood. I have had great success growing basil in large containers. We had huge difficulty with slugs, but once I used a container, I had tons of basil. In recent years I have been adding garlic scapes to my pesto….divine, and then freezing it. The pesto usually keeps us till January, at which point I will buy store bought. It is not too bad actually. We are in the same heat wave as you are….perhaps not quite as hot but dang close…..heading for another swim tonite. Stay cool!

  3. Good advice from phoeniciasorchids. That is really hot weather! Didn’t know France got that hot! We are having a heat wave, too, but here that means 80F.

  4. I suspect in our absence my thriving tarragon bush went the way of your basil!

    La Plage on our local river has kept us sane at the start of the heat but yesterday we had to drive to Caen. Thankfully it was a bit cooler near the coast and across the Channel.

  5. I don’t have moles, I have voles and they managed to tunnel under all of my Iris in the back flower bed. I kept pushing the rhizomes back in the morning and they were all on top of the dirt by dinner time. I’m not a person who normally condones murder, but it’s time to push the mole traps into the ground. As to the basil, I’m so sorry. I’d gladly give you some of whatever I’ve been pulling out of the ground for the past two weeks (lemon balm I think though I can’t quite put my nose on the scent) because it’s taking over everything! But that probably wouldn’t make a good pesto…

    And I’ve made the mistake a couple times of pushing the ‘publish’ button. You’d think I’d have learned after the first one, but no.

  6. Karen, I always claim to be talking to the dogs when someone hears my commentary….

    Phoenicia, skip the suit and pass the Sangria! May have to if it keeps up.

    Pam, no, it has to be mature garlic to get the heat from the allicis. Lots of other wonderful things to do with the green garlic, tho…

    Ina, I now have to window boxes with basil seedlings….. There’s hope.

    Zoomie, it seems to happen every few years but it’s not the norm. The last bad one was 2004 – thousands of people died. It lasted a month…..

    Gill, these old houses start out cool, but eventually, they heat up as well… We need some cool nights to get the walls cool LOL

    nightsmusic, we have voles, too, but, so far, they’ve not damaged my herbs of veggies. All things in time I fear. Sometimes one can delete after publish…. not always I’ve learned

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