Grilled Turkey Prosciutto Rolls; an unexpected interlude

I often make dinners with a theme. When cooking for two it cuts down on waste if ingredients can be shared.

When I made the Zucchini Caprese Boats I knew I would have leftover Pesto Rosso Sauce.

Well, at least I would have leftover tomato sauce….. Whether I’m taking it out of my own freezer or off the shelf at the supermarket, tomato sauce is normally in a 8oz or 12oz or 16oz container.

It only seemed logical to make a larger quantity of Pesto Rosso Sauce and then serve it with something else.

Like these easy turkey rolls…..

As usual, I don’t actually use Prosciutto but rather the local, dry-cured ham. Use whatever is available in your market.

Grilled Turkey Prosciutto Rolls

Total time: 40 minutes


  • 3 thin turkey cutlets, 10oz (300gr), mine were roughly 9″ by 5″ by 1/8″, (23cm by 13cm by 1/3cm)
  • 3 thin slices Prosciutto
  • 3 tsp pesto rosso
  • 3 large cherry tomatoes, cut into 6 wedges
  • 6 medium basil leaves
  • kitchen string
  • Pesto Rosso Sauce:
  • 3 tbs pesto rosso
  • 6 tbs tomato sauce

Grilled Turkey Prosciutto Rolls


  • Lay the turkey cutlets flat.
  • Spread each cutlet with 1 tsp pesto rosso sauce.
  • Top with 1 slice of Prosciutto, 6 cherry tomato wedges and 2 basil leaves.
  • Starting from the short end, roll up.
  • Cut into thirds.
  • Tie each slice of roll with string to keep it from unfurling as it cooks.
  • Place the rolls in an oiled grill basket, cover securely and  cook over direct heat for 6 – 8 minutes per side.  Or your could use a grill pan or place directly on grill.  The basket just makes it easier.
  • When done, snip and remove string.  Serve with:
  • Pesto Rosso Sauce:
  • Combine pesto rosso and tomato sauce.
  • Gently heat and keep warm until needed.

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I’m sweltering in the heat, sitting on the side of the road, in Spain, just outside of Andorra, and thinking ‘Golly gee whiz! Another flat tire! I’ll have a new story to tell on my blog when we get home. Am I lucky or what?!?!?’

Well…… That might not have been exactly the direction my thoughts were taking.

I thought the flat tire we had in January was bad luck.Now I think we got some bad tires.(If that was true the problem is solved – they’ve all been replaced now.)

When we had the flat in France we used the SOS phone on the side of the road. We were quickly found and hauled into the shop but getting the new tires took forever.

In Spain it was the opposite.

There was no handy SOS phone (we weren’t on a motorway) so I called the Insurance Rescue Service.

It was 6:30 pm…. which is the middle of the afternoon in Spain; after work hours in France.

I was calling France.

It took 15 minutes for a human to get on the line, after going through the ‘phone tree’ and list and ‘tapping’ my numerical options on the keypad.

The typing of this post was interrupted by a power outage that lasted most of the night.  I’ll continue….

After a brief conversation with the human I was told that she would ‘find my dossier’ and call me back.


Thirty minutes later I am politely commenting to mon mari that, had he remembered his phone, I could have called them back while waiting for them to call me on my phone.

I digress….

I called them back.

It took another 15 minutes for a human to get on the line (see above).

It only took 10 minutes for me to explain where we were (the N14, Kilometre 6) many times.

I was told they would contact their ‘associate’ and to wait (?).

We waited.

And waited.

We started wondering how far away the truck was coming from and how far away he was going to haul us. There was a town only 4 km away that we were familiar with but, if that was the case we should have been there, got new tires and been on our way.

We waited some more.

Finally, we got yet another phone call…. This time from the truck driver. He would be there shortly.

He was.

Naturally, he spoke Spanish and Catalan, not French and English.

Naturally, unlike my usual habit, I had forgotten to bring my Spanish dictionary (we were only going to visit our friend, after all).

We managed to muddle through what vaguely resembled a conversation.

It was too late (by then!) to get new tires. He understood that we did not have a place to stay. We understood that he would help us.

We drove into town in the flatbed truck with our car on the back and found a hotel.Seu Hotel

The driver went in with us and talked to the desk agent. We got a room and understood that we would be picked up in the morning to get our car sorted.

Our room was on the top (5th) floor, miserably hot, small, but clean.

We went for a walk. It was after 9:00 – almost time for dinner.

We found a lovely restaurant with tables outdoors, under the trees.



This being summer in Spain we enjoyed a very leisurely dinner. Yes, there may have been wine…..

The next morning we went walking again, early, before the town woke up (about 8:30). I’ve always enjoyed mornings in Spanish towns when we have it too ourselves.

Seu Dinner

When we lived in Andorra we regularly came here to the Saturday market.


It’s so different when everything is quiet.

We stopped for breakfast once the cafes opened.


One of the many things I love about Spain is the orange juice. There is always a big basket of oranges behind the bar in cafes and it’s always squeezed fresh to order. Spain has the best coffee in the world (in my opinion) and their chocolate croissants are pretty damn good as well.

Breakfast of champions!

After breakfast we went back to our hotel and there was a message for us. Our car was being delivered to the tire store and we were to take a taxi there.

We got there just as it was being off-loaded, tires were selected (always 2 as they have to match) and we were on our way in 15 minutes.

We got to our friends house just in time for second breakfast.

This was the view from our hotel room:


It was a very pleasant, if unplanned, interlude.

Once we got off the side of the road, that is.

6 thoughts on “Grilled Turkey Prosciutto Rolls; an unexpected interlude”

  1. Sounds like you made the best of a bad situation. The dinner venue looks relaxing after a trying time. Maybe it was the wine that gave it away. Your turkey rolls look great. Will have to try your pesto rosso sauce.

    My best Katie!

  2. Penny, it was very relaxing – the wine was much appreciated. LOL

    Kate, it was – and I remembered how much I like Spanish food

    Zoomie, I’m slowly learning to relax and enjoy the lemonade

  3. Wow, gorgeous pictures of Spain Katie…a place I have always wanted to visit! Although, not too sure about eating dinner at 9:00 pm….I would be starving by then!

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