Ham, Green Bean and Cherry Tomato Pasta Salad; tomatoes — 9 Comments

  1. How great to have all of those tomatoes…and I agree you can never have too many. I gave up growing them where we live….just not enough sun due to the ever growing forest around us. We have been getting gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from a local farm…they are divine!

  2. I am taking note of all your gardening comments for future reference. I suspect most of my gardening experience in the southern hemisphere is not going to be of much use here. Everything seems to grow more vigorously during the summer for a start and the pests are different.

  3. Katie,
    I have often heard and never practiced pinch back. My tomatoes have always been prolific. But, now living in North Carolina where the soil is poor, more like sand than soil, and the rain is intermittent, I decided to take other measures.

    I bought a large bag of high-end potting soil. I planted the tomatoes in a hole three times the normal size and filled it with the potting soil. The potting soil has a high proportion of peat which I figure will even out the moisture needs. It seems to have worked even though we’re in the midst of a drought.



  4. I didn’t do a garden this year. Just too much with the move and all, but I did put two tomato plants in a huge wooden barrel outside the barn. They’ve gotten lots of sun and lots of water and I’m finally seeing several tomatoes on them, but I do think they do better in the ground as soon as possible. I used to get scads of tomatoes and would make my spaghetti sauce for the year with them. I’ll miss that this year 🙁

  5. Ina, I love having them…. but I’m so tempted to just give up the stress and buy at OUR local farm

    Gill, things do seem to grow fast. My main advice is pick a good spot. I had no idea when we first dug up the garden that there had been a building there years ago. Now the foundation is surfacing after 5 years.

    brassfrog, an old Spanish farmer taught me to pinch – but I always miss a bunch, so mine get out of control – and take over everything. Basically, I just muddle through…. We have clay – like concrete. Maybe I should plant fewer with more care….

    Kate, to pinch the new shoots when the plants are young…. they get so out of control otherwise.At least, mine do.

    nightsmusic, i just fill my freezer with peeled, chopped Roma’s. I used to do sauces, etc. but now I figure I can do the cooking in the winter with the tomatoes from the freezer LOL

  6. Came back to say, you do know you can freeze them whole? I rinse them, make sure they’re dry, toss them in a freezer bag and that’s it. What’s nice it, when you take them out, all you need to do is run them under hot water and the peel just sloughs right off. Much easier than blanching and peeling. And they break down in chunks in sauces nicely.

    • I’ve frozen the cherry tomatoes whole – just squeeze to get the skins off, but I peel and chop the rest to save room in the freezer. My freezer gets very, very full….