Southwestern Salad with Grilled Sausages; where’s my day? — 4 Comments

  1. I’m convinced that only rarely is there a straight line between point A and point B – your day sounds much like many of my own. And I’m reminded that I have laundry to fold…

  2. It may not have been an organized day but it certainly was productive! I actually like days such as yours when I flow through without much of a plan and look back at the end with a sense of accomplishment. The only thing missing from your day was that it didn’t follow your preconceived notion. ?

  3. Katie – I have many days like that…where does the time go? The good news is: there is always a new day to finish what we could not finish today. Some days just go like that and I do my best to go with the flow…sounds like you did too. Love your salad…yummy wholesome ingredients!

  4. Amerloc, all of my days seem to go that way lately lol.

    Zoomie, I just need to let go of the ‘preconceived notions’… and my to-do lists 😉

    Ina, indeed, where does the time go? Much to quickly lately…. But, yes, always another day and more projects